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​Roszina Farms has been in business since 1976 and our legacy is based on strong family values, hard work, honesty, reliability, and a strong commitment to our customers.  Most people do not realize the hard work and dedication that has to come together to consistently produce high quality vegetables.  We pride ourselves in our locally grown produce and that is our commitment to you.   


​All of our produce is really good, but our sweet corn is exceptional.  All the locals love it and summer is just not summer without it.  Our sweet corn is so popular it is sold to the local grocery stores and markets.  It has plump, bi-color kernals, and has a super sweet taste that melts in your mouth.  So the next time you're having that summer cook out, stop by and pick out your dozen of the best sweet corn ever! 


From tomatoes and broccoli to cantaloupe and watermelon, we have what you are looking for.  All of our produce is handpicked each day to ensure the freshest vegetables for you and your family.  Our stand is seasonal and operates in the summer through late fall.  Our pumpkins sell fast, so be sure to pick out yours early.  We also carry corn stalks, indian corn, and straw bales for all of your fall decorating needs.


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