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Fresh vegetables right  from our farm fields to your kitchen table, Roszina Farms has been growing quality produce since 1976, and proud of it. 

Growing beautiful and tasty produce of the highest quality is the majority of our business.  We take pride in growing, harvesting, and selling our produce.  Most of our plants are started from seeds in the greenhouse, the rest are direct seeded.  We purchase expensive hybrid seeds, which means we get good quality plants to grow the vegetables.  After the plants are a certain size, they are transplanted to the fields where they eventually produce the vegetables.     

The use of any pesticides or fungicides are closely monitored with all of our crops.  We use as little as possible to grow good quality vegetables.  Everything that is applied to our crops is approved.  We keep very close records of what, when, and where any chemical is applied and closely follow the instructions for use.  What we tell customers that are concerned about these chemicals is two things.  First, we are not going to use anything on our crops that would cause harm to our own families.  Second, the costs of chemicals are very high, so we use them sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.


We are dedicated to land stewardship, sustainable agricultural practices, and an unwavering search for innovation.  We grow a wide variety of vegetables and are always trying new seeds in a never-ending attempt to discover new and exciting varieties to surprise our customers each season. 


The farm is headquartered in Raymond, Wisconsin, but has operations throughout southeastern Wisconsin.  It is family owned and operated. 


When the farming operation quiets down in the winter months, the focus turns to the repair service.  The repair service is newly renovated and is located in Raymond, Wisconsin. 

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